Blank Staff Paper


For those moments when you’re away from Finale and you need to quickly make note of an idea you have for your latest composition.  You never want to be without some blank staff paper.

That’s where MusicFolio steps in to make sure you’ll always have an endless supply.

  1. From your Library, tap plus (plus)in the upper right corner
  2. Tap the staff paper button (staffPaperButton)
  3. Give your blank paper a title, artist (that’s you!), and instrument
  4. After you tap the check (cameraConfirm2) your piece of blank paper will open automatically.  You can tap the plus (plusStaffPaper) button at the bottom right to add pages and start using the annotation menus.

Any pieces of staff paper you create will appear in your my music library along with the rest of your music.


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