Loading Music


You’ve downloaded MusicFolio.  The sense of anticipation builds as you tap the app icon on your home screen…but quickly fizzles as the app opens and you realize none of your music is on your iPad yet. 😦

Don’t worry.  Getting music onto your iPad is easy.  MusicFolio helps you do this two different ways: using your iPad’s camera or loading a PDF file.

Load a PDF

  1. You’ll need to get that PDF onto your iPad if you haven’t done so already.  There are many ways to do this, but the most straightforward methods are to use Safari to browse to a piece of music online or email it to yourself and open the file in your mail app.  If you need help finding some music, check out this post.
  2. Next, tap on the screen and you should be greeted with a couple of options, one of which is openIn near the top of your screen
  3. When you tap openIn you’ll be shown a list of programs you can use to view your PDF.  Select ‘Copy to MusicFolio’.openIn
  4. MusicFolio will automatically open, load your music and prompt you to title your music.  Tap the checkmark (cameraConfirm2) at the top right of your screen when you’re done!

Use your iPad’s camera

  1. From the my music (myMusicToggle) screen in MusicFolio, tap the plus (plus2) button at the upper right corner
  2. Tap the camera (camera2) button
  3. Tap the shutter (cameraButtonBlack) button to snap a picture of each page of your piece of music
  4. After you’ve captured all pages, tap the checkmark at the bottom right corner
  5. Type in your title, composer or artist, and instrumentcameraImportDetails
  6. Tap cameraConfirm2 at the upper right of your screen and you’re done!


Download MusicFolio: https://appsto.re/us/YsG5_.i

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