5 Steps to Loading Perfect Sheet Music Onto Your iPad



Shiny new iPad.  Check.

Brand new fancy digital music folder app.  Check.

Crisp, crystal clear import of sheet music using your iPad’s camera?


We can’t always load a PDF file, so here are some tips to help you make sure none of your pages have head shaped shadows.  They’ll be so crisp and clear, people will think is actually was a PDF.

  1. Lighting.  Probably the most important step.  There are a few things we can do here to improve quality:
    • If applicable, turn off the camera flash since it leaves unsightly white spots on your music
    • Take your pictures in a room that has more than one source of light
    • Make sure your light is coming from the sides and not directly above you
    • If it’s the daytime, choose a spot near a window.  Natural light is the best.
  2. Place your page on a clean, level, and smooth surface.  Your bed won’t do the trick so pick something else.  Please.  Everyone you [share your music] with will thank you.
  3. Get close enough so your music fills the entire screen (or guidelines depending on your app) and more.  This way you won’t have a border that looks suspiciously like your kitchen table on every page.
  4. Steady the iPad against your body for max focus
  5. Make sure your device is parallel with the ground so you don’t end up with a page that’s a lot wider at the top or bottom
  6. Snap your picture.

Have another tip?  Let everyone know in the comments.

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